Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn Views

painting: Yellow Ground

This was the first of my series of tree paintings from a few years ago. The vision introduced itself to me at this same time of year, when the leaves have fallen and the skeletal elements of the trees stand out in the various dramatic light of an autumn day.

I am ready to take this series farther and in to larger dimensions. I am glad that I have some time to concentrate on this venture and to have the time to enjoy some autumnal outdoorsness. I hope to have a collection to show publicly by spring or summer, and may have found a co-conspirator to show with. This makes me happy.

I have just planted my winter garden with collard green plants and seeds of lettuce, spinach, beets and radishes. The rain came just in time to water it all.

I've been gathering twigs of kindlin for starting the first fire of autumn in the fireplace. This will make the dogs happy. It is a good time of year to concentrate on coziness, hot cider and gathering with friends and family.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Postcard from Germany -

Earlier this year, Annie the Nanny left Claude's Cove and journeyed across the ocean to live with the beautiful Lumia Rosamari Mulliganova. Annie traveled to Germany with Lumi's Aunt and Uncle where they had many great adventures while Lumi showed them many sights. I relished in seeing photos of their travels to museums, street scenes, cafes and stunning architecture. Best of all it does my heart good to see what abundant pleasure a visit with a new little family member can inject into the lives of loved ones.


Last weekend the day finally came to hold little baby Charlie, our newest young family member. What a delight it is to see the family line cross in to a new generation.

Later in the week I had the privilege of making a new friend in sitting with 3 month old Stella. Stella lives in an awe-inspiring olive green house with aubergine trim and lovely views of pastures, animals and mountains. She was a treasure to spend time with. Holding such a loving bundle of warmth and affection, having her gently fall asleep in my lap and absorbing the peace and serenity of her simple nap, gave me such reward to care for this little person.

As the week passed we had the good fortune of visits from two old friends from North Carolina. It was a wonderful time of sharing music, reminiscing and taking in the crisp autumn air on our deck, appreciating long time friendship and the depth it gives to our lives.

This week of fresh new lives blending in to ours , and revisiting rich, long relationships gives us a comforting foundation for enriching our life together.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


End of September, a crisp, cool fall day. Many years my family has journeyed to the hills of Western North Carolina to acquire mass quantities of the season's freshest apple crop. As a child I rambled through the barns, around the tractors and wagons and scuffled underneath heavy laden gnarly apple trees dodging bees and such.

Monday morning, Mom and I set out for a drive through the Dark Corner and the winding woodlands of the watershed. Out Highway 64 to Ednyville, the road is scattered with roadside produce stands and orchards. Apple trees with limbs bending to the ground loaded with golden and russet fruits.

The Lyda Farm has been our favorite destination for a long, long time. They offer an ample selection of vegetables and fruits. Gigantic pumpkins, winter squash and gourds. Ghostly white pumpkins, pale skinned amd bright orange. Giant cabbages larger than your head. Red tomatoes, green tomatoes, beets and cider. Ah, the pleasure of shopping in an open air market on such a beautiful day, to return home with the reward of freshly grown harvest for the table.

Stuffed Cabbage - it's what's for dinner.
With a side of beets.