Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Camp

On a late June Monday afternoon we pulled in at the lake to set up camp. Water level down, way down. A long beach, scattered with rocks surrounded the camp, rather than the usual water lapping the edging embankments. Happy hour chats, fire building, grilling steaks over the fire, foil wrapped veggies in the coals and sipping fine red wine, we drifted into a cool summer evening to slumber time. Dawn awake, alarm crows cawed to each other to wake the day. Sunrise glimmered over the crystal blue water. Gentle breezes brushed over us while we slowly wakened sipping strong French Roast coffee over morning chatter.
Leggy teen fishing girls strolled up the beach to sport on the shores of Jocassee and cast away. Kids played in and out the tents. A curly-tail chihuahua smiled and greeted us. The day began as an unfolding picnic of melon, crunchy pretzels, bean pate' and hard boiled eggs.
A stroll on the beach around the rock point took us to a pristine beach of sand and rock formations and caves juxtaposed in the crevices. Families boating and paddling and splashing. Two stately yellow labs romped and barked and smiled happy dog smiles to be in their element. Swimming, floating, chilling waters refreshed all ailments. A baptism of cares and woes washed away. A dragonfly befriends and flutters. A woman strolled by in a magenta turban. Babes bobbed in iridescent donut tubes, kicking and splashing and loving each moment of a summer day. The picnic continued, ham biscuits, fried chicken tidbits with Dijon mustard, grape tomatoes, sea salty chips, pomegranate tea, ginger man cookies. Flipping through pretty pages, dreaming of summer projects. Filtered sunlight and warmth cast a spell to slip into the hammock and drift off to dreamland. Gentle breezes fluttered leafy foliage. Boats traveled in and out for scenic voyages. Long nap afternoon.
Evening settled, chopping vegetables to kabob on the grill. Fresh garden fare from local gardens. Tortellini and fresh herbs in olive oil, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and sweet onion... day three... Slowly wake to another beautiful summer morning, sipping coffee. Children squealed and giggled and played drama games while kicking and splashing in the waters. My camp partner served up a kicking breakfast of red raspberry hot cakes and a melange of fresh fruits, strawberries, blackberries, white grapes and pineapple. Oh, it was SO good.
Relaxing, reading, drawing, swimming, floating at the beach. People watching, photographing, exploring. Boats floating, families played and chatted, dogs romped, waves lapping at the shore. What a beautiful day. Afternoon painting, brushes and paint dot and design surfaces brought along for contemplation. Creating flowy lines and imagery, very therapeutic movement and expression...must do more often. Neighboring campers packed up and moved out leaving us quietly to ourselves on the mid-week even of the summer solstice. Relishing in a rewarding week of R&R at the lakeside. we mused about future adventures and where they might take us.