Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter blues

Not spite of the balmy days and sunshine and non-chilliness of this "winter" season,we still feel that February blues longing for longer days head set.The days only getting longer minute by minute, still not fast enough. The daffodils blooming out weeks ahead of their normal due date, the rains beating down and making things grow.It's been a kindly break from the past couple of icy and stormy winters and people are smiling in between the clouds and finding time to sit in sidewalk cafes and laugh in the sunshine. Life is good. Some days pass in melancholy, but doesn't that just go along with winter and gray days?

We, all of us, are keeping our chins up and looking toward spring cleaning, polishing and dusting off the collections and getting out on those sunny days and antiquing, cleaning off the gardening beds, collecting seeds and dreaming of growing gardens, letting the sun beat down on our face and breathing in the fresh cool air as we muse over what lies ahead.