Saturday, November 26, 2011

A day of Grace

We started our Sunday and day of our major mission with a quiet walk across town in the early morning, our destination, Sun Studios. We arrived for the first tour of the day and had an exhilarating walk through an historical piece of musical heaven. Our guide was such an animated and exhuberant talent of replicating the moments that had gone down in those corridors for decades. The building vibrated with soul and presence and still such aliveness of current talents that continue to come and spin tunes in this magical palace. It was our beginning to an historical delve into Memphis history.

Next stop, Graceland. All I can say is that it was a far more peaceful and tranquil place than I could have imagined. Not as grand a specticle, nor as over the top in many ways. For the time that Elvis lived there, I think it was a modest home, compared to the L.A. mansions of the Hollywood elite. Nevertheless, the tour, the sights, are well laid out and a tribute to someone of great talent, and someone who I believe was a truly compassionate and giving person. Fame takes it's toll, but his family has preserved his place, and he truly is running through the veins of the city of Memphis. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to go exploring in such a fun, vibrant and friendly place. Elvis lives!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ahhh, a beautiful fall day beside the Mississippi. What to do but wander the streets of this unknown city, shop, eat and take it all in. The temperature couldn't have been better, hovering around 70 in the daytime and 50s in the evening. Saturday was our shopping and tourist day and our first full day to indulge on what good eats Memphis had to offer. Thanks to our Scottish friends, we had some tips they had collected from some locals to find some of the best the town had to offer.

After our ramblings on Beale Street, we headed to The Flying Fish, home of all wayward Billy Bass castaways. Saturday then became Fry-Day. Fried catfish, hushpuppies, okra, shrimp, I forgetting anything? Oh, I also had a few oysters on the half, so we could truly say we had six of one and half dozen of the other. Really. We sat at the window seats looking out on to the street and had ourselves a feast. All was very well cooked. Not too sleazy greazy and just what we'd been looking for. Awesome!

After the feast, we rambled back to the hotel and deposited our shopping treasures, then went back to our Bardog family for some happy hours before our next exploratory venture. Late afternoon we walked north on the Main Street trolley line. Oddly, we never hopped on the trolley, it always seemed to be going the other way. It was fine with us to walk and take in the city sights in such a fine fall climate. We ventured into the Pinch District, which is known for being an art center of the town. Viewing sculpture, galleries and performing arts venues along the way. We made a visit to Westy's for some refreshment and bantering over where to go for dinner.

We strolled back to our room for a bit of college football news and went over our lists of suggested places. We finally opted to go for Gus Fried Chicken, another place to walk to in the cool of the evening. Oh, man, you wouldn't believe the fried chicken! It was a modest and unassuming joint, but filled with folks who obviously enjoyed the fried chicken. Of course we got that with sides of fried green tomatoes and friend dill pickles.

All of this to complete our 'Fry Day'. Then in search of the 'tums'! Oh, what a day!