Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Memphis sights

It was a very romantic weekend in the way that you fall in love with a place and its inhabitants from the present tense to its past. In such a beautiful and inviting season, the sun, the attitude, the vibe that came from strolling along streets that have seen decades of history in music and trade. The city which felt Southern in nature, but larger than I had imagined and livelier and friendlier than I'd dreamed.

Historical architecture towered above in color and texture and dimension as much as the people walking the streets. Music exuded from the crevices, around corners, rolling out into the streets with a spirit that could catch you up and wrap itself around you and squeeze you until you smiled. Music was in the air.

Shopping at Lansky's clothier at the Peabody. Watching the ducks paddle in the fountain, then on to souvenir shops of postcards and tourist bling on Beale Street with some actual well-defined folk-art mixed in. People gazing and PBRs at the Rum Boogie Cafe and a sparky bartender named Sindy from England. A gathering of artists and musicians filled the park off of Beale Street. It was a lively and happy mix of colors and creations and jumping and joyful sounds. What a day and what a place to be.

Come fly with me, come fly come fly away

Up Up and man and I had a fantastic getaway thanks to some very special friends and family. A quick drive to Charlotte to catch a straight flight to Blues City. While strolling through the airport, I stopped in the newsstand to pick out my in flight reading 'zine. I heard Vic over my shoulder while I was still perusing my choices, "This is it, Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp is on the cover. You know you want it." nuf said.

We arrived on the sunny banks of the Mississippi around 4 pm, checked in to our cozy room and deposited our belongings. Then we ventured out to see the neighborhood. The lobby doors opened directly out to the trolley line and a park across the way.

As we strolled down a couple of blocks, I looked around the corner to see a neon sign that said 'Bardog'. It was calling our names. We ventured in and discovered our first 'neighborhood' bar and doorway to meeting some really fun people. Not to mention their bar food was excellent. No sooner had we settled in, than three fine gentlemen from Scotland came along and we instantly became friends.

After a jolly old time with them, we had a short rest and went in search of our first Barbecue feast. Our choice of the evening was Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous. The Best dry rub ribs you can fathom, spicy beans and slaw and a pitcher of Michelob. Geez Louise!

We took an after dinner stroll to Beale Street but didn't venture in to the depths of neon profusion and blaring blues. Maybe another night. A nightcap back at the Bardog and rest for day 2.