Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ladies of the lake, part deux

cool, calm evening. waterfront
waves lap over rocks
motorboats hum and whir and stir up more waves lapping over rocks
standing surfers skim across the watery surface
tall and tan
with arms that ripple in muscular sculpture
adonis creatures parade before us
relaxing, unwinding
expelling all thoughts that entangle

pan-seared tuna steaks, ravioli stuffed with arugula and parmesan
sauteed in fresh sage, parsley, basil, sea salt and olive oil
black olives and grape tomatoes on the side

why is this lady smiling?

early morning red stripe sunglow over the horizon of the lake
cool breeze morning air
coffee from the italian pot
red razberries, pancakes, maple syrup

meandering through the day
take a dip, sunshine slips behind the clouds, paddle upstream
cool breeze, hanging on the shoreline
boat watching, talking, writing, creating, collaborating, contemplating

day three..sunshine, pack up..pack out
swim, float
roll on down the road
up the mountain, past the head of caesar
brevard, hendersonville
west first pizza

stormy weather, whipping wind
lights out
Bat Cave, scarecrow ladies stand still along the balustrade
Geneva Hotel
lights out
power off
tiki bar juking
river flows
bikers paradise

Thursday, June 9, 2011

rites of spring...

confirmations, graduations, transitions...

I am returning from an intermission of numerous changes. The measure of time that it has spanned is uncountable at this point,to determine where it all began. So much has changed.

Wrapping up an epoch of studying, searching, trial and error and bouncing back from grossly humbling circumstance. New connections, beginnings and inspirations have given new light to a dark season.

I am packing my gear for the annual 'Ladies of the Lake' camping excursion. I am bound for waterfront relaxation and the company of a dear friend. Plein air art, campfire chat, floating and sunning. Vistas of misty blue mountains, the full moon will be shining down and we will be ensconced in twilight. Summer will move in around us, as if we haven't already had enough heat frustration. We will have the icy cold waters to chill and exhilarate us. I am ready to unload the weight of confusion and break out into a fete of exuberance.

While there are still mountains to conquer and holes to dig out of, I am, piece by piece pitching away the nagging elements that have weighed me down. Small steps back to a normal existence are hard to take patiently. I want to go running to faraway places and exploring paths that I never knew existed.

It is with much contemplation and scrutiny that I have envisioned my path. It is in revelation that my visions are taking shape day by day. However, still my impatience quells my contentment.

I continue to search each day for enlightenment and comfort. I am fortunate to be spending my days with an inspiring group of people. I have so much more to learn and I am lapping it up like creme brulee.