Thursday, November 18, 2010


It makes me very happy when family comes to visit and find magical visions to capture in our surroundings.

photos by Thomas Hammond

Parasol Days

Polka dot parasol bounces along the pathway repelling droplets falling through the autumn mist

Golden foliage pales and drops piece by piece to the soggy ground

Sleepy heads dodder groggy to the breakfast room; boot clad, slickers glisten, daylight softens, eyes awaken

Sunny side is not up today

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bird Season

It's just around the corner, well actually, it's always bird season here at Claude's Cove. Whether we're watching Herons and Hummers or Cardinals and Crows or the phenomenal Pileated Woodpecker, there always seems to be an abundance of bird life to fancy our bird-watching pleasures. We have a breathtaking natural habitat that invites those who will to stay with us year round if it suits their nature.

Although you know that what I'm really getting at is the big bird of the year. I've been racking up points to get the Thanksgiving turkey to share our thanks with the family. I've been poring over page after page of the latest Bon Appetit's Thanksgiving special issue and testing recipes for sharing later. My autumn treat to me was the Lee Brothers' 'Simple, Fresh, Southern' cookbook, a valuable addition to my cooking library. Last year I served the Pimento Cheese Potato Gratin, which I think rocks and have made a few other times. This year I will harvest some of brother's collard greens from the great greens patch and make Collard Greens with poblano chiles and chorizo. We've already tested that one and guess what, it rocks too. It is a new spin for me on greens and southern food.

The Lee collection of recipes accentuates good vibes of the south and they don't seem to have any qualms about admitting that this is a vital part of their background.

Easing in to my favorite holiday time of the year, best wishes to everyone for Peace, Prosperity and Comfort and safe travels to your destinations far and wide.

painting- Golden Winged Decalia

French Hens