Friday, October 22, 2010

To the Bat Cave!

Finally. A day to run away to the hills and Apple Valley, to our favorite places that mark Fall and all that goes along with it.

Summer's last tomatoes

Sugar pie pumpkins waiting to be carved and baked into deliciousness.

Ghoulish blue-gray-green pumpkins stacked like zombie heads in a giant wooden box.

turban squash. acorn squash. butternut squash. spaghetti squash.

Fashion plate lady Scarecrows parade, wink and wave in the crispy Autumn glow as passersby wander into a melodic emporium of craftiness and good cheer. Elixirs of freshly pressed cider refresh and begin the Happy Hours of escape to Hickory Nut Gorge and it's magical mood of a perfect Fall day.

A tiki bar hideaway awaits with more refreshment and riverside exotica and conversation.

An all-day date with my favorite guy, piles of fresh mountain produce and a few silly souvenirs to satisfy our whims. Autumn at it's best.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Fest


cool cool rain.. flannel..fleece..corduroy
black cats. scarecrows. family birthdays
Happy Birthday Sarah, Victor and Jim

warm rich colors red russet orange yellow ochre rust sanguine
mulled cider. hot toddy
sitting inside on a cloudy fall day sipping soup and hot tea
the feel of a soft flannel shirt

Oh, no, I'm not ready for cold cold weather...we have baked all summer, please, oh please give us our properly allotted Autumn. The days are already short, the air crisp and nippy in the morning and the evening. Let there be days of soaking up warm sun while picnicking on a mountain ride.

painting - Aubergine Apparition