Sunday, March 21, 2010

little things

more reflections on Paris Market...Savannah. antiques. prettiness

history. patinas. rust

baby girl frock

silly menkees

zooma zoom toy car

a shrine for divine guidance

I could live here

Heavenly Chair Place

massive tree trunks bending and bowing to welcome those who come for lowcountry visions not seen in the hill country

camellias wrapped in Spanish moss

it is all so dreamy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

paris market

Ladies of the Paris Market

My romance with all things French has evolved over the years, from the love of French Antiques, Paris, fields of lavender and so on. Maybe my visits to Montreal (I know, it's not France, but has it's French influence) in it's Frenchness in the eighties where the language floated on air, the sidewalk cafes were so romantic and the eggs and croissant were the most delicate that ever passed my lips.

Maybe it's visions of Grandpa Claude riding on motorcycle there in World
War I. A gentle farming man in a far foreign land in a turbulent time.

I can't explain my obsession, but I've studied the language and altho I still don't speak it, it is like music. Regardless, I thank Patricia for saying the words, 'Paris Market' and showing me the way. It was like a journey to a faraway place.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take me back to Tybee

It was my pleasure to travel to Tybee Island GA with such a fun group last weekend. The sights were colorful, inspiring and divine. The food was fantastic. Beach walks. Island walks. City walks. Mermaids. Folk art.

coaster cat

shack cat

Dream place

more later...