Sunday, November 29, 2009


Cody & Cinnamon lead a tour of the falls. Lake Jocassee, Thanksgiving.

What I have to be thankful for...a couple of friends with a new houseboat...a beautiful day in late November...a destination not so far away...and tons of beauty to take in. Oh, and a couple of furry friends to spice it all up.

Well, there is much more to be thankful for...and let me not forget to tell each and everyone thanks for being my friend, my counsel, my moral support, my confidant and for bringing much love and joy to my life.

I am blessed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gloss and Glimmer

Glitz and glamour. True confession. I AM a confirmed 'zine-a-holic. The best outcome of that to date is that I have also become a collage-a-holic, so I am a vicious cycle of ripping the pages and reconstituting them into art and other great ideas.. All of that to say, that I still have piles of them lying around and do enjoy trading with friends and moms for scoring more visual stimuli, recipes and good ideas.

Last Wednesday, I visited the Asheville Farmer's Market trying to put the pieces together for a true "Martha" centerpiece of white pumpkins and gourds.

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to 'zine topic, be it food, decor, art, fashion... I may not be a fashion plate outwardly, but I love to see a runway line up and the latest Fall Fashion issue, believe it or not. I switch my subscriptions around just to experiment. It breaks my heart to see the publishing industry taking such a heavy hit in these trying times. It hits me harder than you know.

I love a slick front beautifully photographed book of high advertising, Vogue photo shoots by Annie Leibovitz, one of the greatest photographers of all times, current gossip and events, what to cook for Thanksgiving this year, and so on...

I subscribed to New York Magazine for years just for the weekly crossword and the chance to live vicariously through a "New York" window. My most mysterious 'zine experience has been receiving anonymous "gift" subscriptions to magazines that I most likely would have never ordered. I understand the concept that it is good to read magazines and books that you wouldn't normally read. However, it weirds me out that someone that I may or may not know has bestowed me with "Parents" magazine ( I have no children, only cats and dogs), "Backpacker" (let's face it, I'm an artist and a cook and my idea of "outdoorsness" is camping in a state park and taking a 30 minute walk in the neighborhood) and "Field and Stream" (okay, for as much as I don't mind eating it...I'm just not going to pull the trigger...and I still don't know how to bait a hook!).

One of this month's faves is "Country Living" Nov. '09 issue, which features a great food article "A Southern Thanksgiving" with Matt and Ted Lee from Charleston. (i.e., Lee Bros..Winning the "Throwdown" with B. Flay, Food Network on Nov. 4th, also demonstrating at Wms. Sonoma, Asheville on Sat. Nov. 21st..FYI) I have already tested their Pimento-Cheese Potato Gratin (which they also demoed on "Today" last week). Yum yum. It is a keeper! AND on the T'day menu.

Another charming article by Susan Orlean called "Polishing Silver", I found I related to in the way of loving shiny and dear things. I didn't grow up in the company of silver service tea sets and all that, however, I have inherited several sets of lovely old silver plate that our grandparents used for family holidays and dinners with special friends. I love to polish up these relics for same events with our family and friends. I have also collected a few choice small silver pieces to accent the mantle and other shelved collections to add a shiny glow to presentations.

May your Holiday Season be all aglow with shiny things, great food and loving gatherings with all those you love. We're getting cozy here at Claude's Cove.

It's a good thing!